Our Practice is focused on the needs of the family through all stages of life.  

Estates, Trusts Conservatorships, Planning

Your estate is more than just your money.  You have a lot of decisions to make, who will care for your children when you are gone?  How shoudl they be cared for?  How can my investment plan work with my estate to maximize what I transfer to the next generation and how do I protect it all ?


The probate court system is made up of several courts.  There is your local court, often meeting in town hall and  the regional children's courts.  While teh courts will make decisions if need be, it is always better to have things set the way you want before needing the court.  


The more that can be done before you pass the less that winds up being charged probate, attorney and other fees.

This is why we urge everyone to get a will.  


Arms Law

WIth the passing of several sets of new laws in Connecticut the status of this area of law is ev er changing.  

As the local attorney for various self defense insurance companies we are familiar with the changes, and the unsettled areas of these changes.  

Your questions answered for a minimal fee or set up an on going retainer for questions.   We also do NFA trusts, which are now difficult to use in Connecticut but make a great tie in to your will. 


No matter how often it is said it is true that nothing is a devastating to a person as death and divorce.  Even if you are ready for it, want it, even need it for your own physical and mental safety, it is hard.  

The courts have gone a long way to making it easier, however when there is conflict or misunderstanding the path can get difficult.  Often people find that what they thought was going to be a simple agreement isn't or they feel ambushed by the other spouse and their attorney.


Call us.  We can help

Whether you need: full representation, a motion for a particular issue, your agreement read and discussed with you before you put it on or just have questions about how to do something call us.   We will "unbundle" our knowledge and share it with you, whether you need us to do it all or help with just one part.

Juvenile Law &
Parental Rights

Kids get into trouble.   In this modern day many adults do too, often without knowing what happened.

Whether charged with neglect or dealing with a parent who is trying to alienate you we can advise you how to deal to get the needs of you and your family met.

Our office provides a suipportive understanding place to work out how to respond and deal with the frustration so often felt by parents.  The system takes a lot of time and it is easy to lose focus, faith and heart along the way.   We want you to understand what is happening and how what you are doing is carrying you to you goal.