Family Law


Years ago Family Law was simple.  You went to a lawyer, the law gave custody of the children and alimony to the wife and the husband got visitation.  Unless the people could get along the children might have little contact with one parent.  Teachers might or might not expect the parents to work only through mom to deal with all issues without input from the dad.


Marriage wasn't about two people caring for each other, it was the union of a man and a woman to raise children.


WOW has that all changed,  

Antenuptial  Agreements

An ante-nuptial agreement isn't about planning for divorce.  It is about coordinating yoru financial life with your estate planning, keeping things in a family for a second marriage, or protecting specific items upon one party's demise.  Yes there is a component of protection upon divorce, but an ante-nuptial done right is so much more.  


Talk with me about how a trust might accomplish the same goals!



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