About Our Firm

Well into my Third Decade as an attorney, I still go to work energized to help our clients.

Sure, I have the list of accomplishments and involvement with commitees and charities that go along with being involved in my community.    A life long Connecticut Yankee, I watch the changes taking place daily in the law and society, always asking "What does this mean for my clients?"


Whether its a change in Support, Trusts and Estates, Firearms Regulations, new statutes such as the Stalking Statute or how the courts are viewing issues.  My focus is  on how does that affect what my clients are going through right now, and how can they better prepare for changes in the future.


We don't do work just to charge for it.  Of course we expect to get paid for work we do.  We advise clients about expenses so they may make an informed choice about how to proceed.  Whether it is the person who wants a trust but has no reason for one other than having heard it can be helpful, to the person who didn't know a trust can prevent loss of assets to a child not yet ready to assume control, we see each person as unique.   Two very similar events will trigger different needs for different people.   The current issues has to be looked at with a knowledge of each person's goals, means of dealing with problems, and understanding of all thiis and the legal system. 


The right effort at the right time. That is why we are your firm for All Your Family's Legal Needs

Community Involvement and Accomplishments :


Chair Family Law Section Greater Bridgeport Bar     2 terms                                      

Captain - Swim Across The Sound (14 years)                                                          East End Yacht Club (member)

Board Member Cong. Sherie Shalom                                                                         

Cubscout Master Pack 90                                                                                           Asst. Scoutmaster Troop 90

Skipper Sea Scouts Ship 18                                                                                         Veteran's Admin Atty.

DAV  Volunteer Attorney                                                                                            

Patent's in Plastic Optics                                                                                            Laser Optical Chemistry

Connecticut Citizens Defense League (member)                                                     Ambassador - Mount Snow (2013/4)